PMS Challenge & Triumph

Plainfield Memorial School Challenge & Triumph
Plainfield-Killingly Memorial Site

On August 15, 2018 a fire at Plainfield Memorial School caused significant damage to one portion of the school and extensive water and soot damage to the majority of classrooms.

School officials secured an interim site in an unused section of the Killingly Administration Offices by August 17, 2018.  The facility would require substantial renovations as it was used for storage.

Within nine days the facility was cleaned and renovated.  The school site now awaits teachers and staff to prepare the classrooms for teaching and learning.

Community support is providing resources in addition to insurance recovery and replacement coverage.

In ten days, the custodians, the I.T. technicians, secretaries, administrators and support staff renovated and prepared the Killingly facility.

In the first four days of the school year the teachers turned a clean, healthy, and prepared facility into a place for teaching and learning.

Thank you to everyone for their support! 

youtube video of PMS

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