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 Summer Reading
Copies of both books can be picked up at
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Grade 4: The One and Only Ivan

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Grade 5 Saving Shiloh

Click the links below for the audio version of each chapter:

Saving Shiloh   Chapters 1 & 2.webm

Saving Shiloh   Chapters 3 & 4.webm


 Saving Shiloh   Chapters 5 & 6.webm


Saving Shiloh   Chapters 7 & 8.webm


Saving Shiloh   Chapters 9 & 10.webm


Saving Shiloh   Chapters 11 & 12.webm


Saving Shiloh   Chapters 13 & 14.webm


 Saving Shiloh   Chapters 15 & 16.webm


Saving Shiloh   Chapters 17 & 18.webm


Saving Shiloh   Chapters 19 & 20.webm

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Each book can be picked up at any of our elementary schools.


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A Tour of the Plainfield Memorial School - YouTube


Here is a virtual tour of Plainfield Memorial School for incoming 4th graders. You can see the school, meet your teachers and meet other friendly faces