PBIS Information

Dear Plainfield Memorial School Families,


Here at Plainfield Memorial School, we are participating in a scientifically research-based behavioral support program called Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) to promote a positive school climate and address problem behaviors. Our PBIS team worked hard to evaluate our current disciplinary practices, defined our behavioral expectations, and developed a reward system to recognize good behavior and increase positive interaction between our staff and our students. Each year, we review these expectations and adjust them to fit our students' needs.

To begin our new school year, we will explicitly teach our behavior expectations: Perseverance, Respect, Independence, Dependability, and Excellence, to each student during the first week of school. Students will actively participate in lesson plans which teach what each of our behavioral expectations “looks like” within various settings of the school (classroom, lunchroom, recess, bathroom, hallway, and bus). Throughout the year we will continue to practice, model, and re-teach these expectations to all of our students.

Evidence suggests that when scientifically-based research and evidence is used to guide practices within our school and community, children are likely to flourish. We hope that the PBIS initiative at Plainfield Memorial School will continue to enhance the overall behavioral, academic and social success of our students. The staff at Plainfield Memorial School looks forward to working with our students and families this year as we continue to grow and learn together.



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